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In addition to preparing for a craft show next month (Jack of All Trades in Oakland), I've been trying to make a quilt block every day. It has been a process; I think I'm averaging like 2 a week at this point. I'm working towards being okay with that; the idea that wanting to do something and having a goal doesn't mean that I will automatically achieve it. Making a quilt block takes time, obviously, and adjusting my life so I have that time every day isn't something that happens with no effort. I think the biggest challenge in dedicating myself to sewing as a craft is how much comes down to being focused and dedicated. I rarely feel as though I'm focused or dedicated enough, and when I look around at other people who are doing this, it seems so easy for them. Those are thoughts I try to avoid, because comparing yourself to other people (or, to the edited versions of their lives that they present online) is never a productive thing to do. What I try to do is focus my thoughts on sewing as a process, as a daily effort to improve. Approaching sewing with that attitude feels kind of amazing, when I'm able to do it, which isn't constant or easy.