this is the week that i prepped all the shoulder bags

all of these bags prepped and I've got no matching fabric for linings. time to go thrifting! #fridaynight

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So a lot has changed for me in the past two months! Amongst other things, I have refocused my energy on sewing. I'm trying to approach it in a more focused and disciplined way. Right now, I'm trying to use up as much of my fabric as possible. I've had so much of it for so long that it's gotten overwhelming to know where to start. This week has been shoulder bag week; I've taken apart nearly all my wool blazers and trousers, which honestly feels amazing. The thing is that I have all of these prepped exterior fabrics to use for shoulder bags, and I've got no fabric to use for linings. I've got a few new thrift stores I'm going to visit to try to find some shirts to use. Men's dress shirts are the absolute best thing to use for linings. The patterns always look natural as linings (stripes and checks), and they're so easy to take apart. Wool blazers are the most time-consuming clothing to take apart, tho getting a look at all the tailoring is quite interesting.