it's time

I make things. I sew things. Chapman Handmade is about sewing new things from old things. I take old clothes and linens and remake them into shoulder bags, zip purses, pillows, and quilts. I focus on craftsmanship. I want to give new life to old fabric to save it from being discarded and to decrease consumption, but also because there's something special about owning a thing that already has memories and a history. 

It's a strange thing to start a blog for my business, when I've had so many different personal blogs over the years. (My best friend and I found our LiveJournals last year, which was horrifying/hilarious.) It feels so personal to admit to the world how much sewing and Chapman Handmade means to me. It feels right though, to start a website, a blog; to start referring to it as a Business, instead of mumbling something about having an Etsy whenever it comes up in conversation. I've been making and selling tote bags and zip purses and other little things for a few years, both on Etsy and at small craft fairs, but for whatever reason*, it's been hard for me to learn how to take it and myself seriously. So, this is me doing that.

I have an Etsy store - - and an Instagram - and a Tumblr - You can check me out there. Soon there will be more here, too, as I figure out what I want this space to be. 

*I know the reason, hello Anxiety/Depression, we meet again.