future quilts

I've been focused on making shoulder bags lately, and zip pouches, along with setting up this website. I haven't finished a quilt in what feels like ages, tho I have approximately 20 quilts that are in progress. 

ignore the green. the green is gone. it's dead to me now.

ignore the green. the green is gone. it's dead to me now.


These three shirts are going to be a baby quilt. I'm going to finish taking apart the shirts when I'm done with this blog post! I have no idea how much fabric I'll end up with, but I'm hoping to get a 40x40" quilt out of it. We'll see!


This is the current iteration of a quilt I've been working on for a year. There's more of it, of course, but this version includes a lot more sizes of half-square triangles and variations. I keep doing this thing where I start improv quilts with a limited amount of fabric and then halfway through, I can't decide how to finish it and then convince myself I'll run out of fabric. Insert eyeroll emoji here. I'm determined to finish it this year though. 

I was going to include photos of some more quilts I'm working on, but honestly, all I can think about now is making some progress. It's time to work .